How can anyone put a price on the perfect photograph? You might need the image to serve as THE product in your business line. It might represent the smiles and enjoyment of your event. It might very well cary with it your future. Can you risk that on a less-experienced "wedding" photographer who just got their new top-of-the-line digital camera last Christmas?

    You are far too smart for that and it's Vulpes Noir's hopes that it didn't take too long to sift through the "professionals" on line to find us. Once you see how comfortable the pricing is for what you'll get in return, you'll never go with another photographer. Please check out our about pages, to learn about our experience and of course, our massive portfolio of images, with detailed captions, that as of 2017, are combined in over 300 web pages.

    Our pricing structures are broken down into the needs of our customers. Included are:
            • Sessions - Where we set up and take portraits or product photographs.
            • Events - An Hourly rate depending on where and when you want to hire us.
            • Manipulation - If you want old photos repaired or digital files color corrected or enhanced.
            • Digital Discs - The cost of delivering your photos to you on disc or on a hundred discs.
            • Prints - We offer basic print services from the photos we've taken for you, several packages offered.
            • Framing - We can offer you hundreds of matting and frame combinations.

    "If you're good at what you do, never do it for free." That's not just a line that the Joker (Heath Ledger) uses in a pulp action movie film, it's an old phrase attributed to that guy who makes the best quotes, his name is "Anonymous." That being said, money makes me "oooooogie." Because I love what I do and relish the chance to make others happy with my work, putting a price on said work makes me uneasy. The truth is that I'm flexible and although there may be set prices with Paypal deposit buttons on these pages, I'm always up for a constructive (not insulting) hawking of prices. You tell me how much the perfect picture is worth to you, knowing you'll find yourself ecstatic with the work of Vulpes Noir.

    I ask for 50% of the agreed-upon wage prior to taking any further action on the job. Payment must be made via CC/Paypal only. (I do this because there are so many banking scammers out there and I've been scammed like that before). If you don't use Paypal, please get an account set up as this is my only strict rule in working with new customers. Follow up customers can change their payment options.

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